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We did well…

Posted by Paige on Apr 30, 2014 in Work

I never thought I will be so attached to the outcome of star awards this year. Maybe because, this year I bothered to ask….. To understand what the procedure is like, what my fans had to go through,why they feel the need to win, to make calls, to impatiently await the results daily.

I am part of the team this year, and “ouch” when you get this involved.

In the past years, it was a 3 hour event with minimum sweat, except for my suffering feet which are stuck in those killer heels. The top 10 awards is the battle of the fan clubs. 

I was aware of the additional hassle this year my supporters had to go through as the security had tightened for the online voting category. And still, they soldiered on, and delivered “beautifully “till the last minute. Hopes were high as my picture and my name was comfortably located everyday and very night’s battle was rightfully won.

This, when we lost the war, it came extremely hard. Lots of “why”, tears, and guilt. It was hard not to be affected. It wasn’t life or death, or extreme situations, like what I have witnessed during AJ2, or Renovaid. I guess it was the sense of communal lost that we had as a team.

Something so apparently elusive could feel so real, I guess, that’s what desires are.
Hey guys, we did good, I’m proud, we should be.


Thoughts on Little India riot

Posted by Paige on Dec 9, 2013 in General
For better or for worse, this unfortunate event made all of us start to think,
to awake from our comfortable slumber, to realise that things can go wrong
on our land.
Like many, I was saddened to see images of Little India on the dreadful night,
and the stories that they brought along. People were hurt, not just physically,
and emotionally.
It brought trauma to the seemingly calm perspective of the Singapore landscape.
But I was not surprised. Honestly, I was not the only one.
How many reports have we read on the abuses that were inflicted onto the blue
collar foreign workers? We have all witnessed at some point through
various media about their terrible living conditions, and testimonials of
their laborious work lives.We are a rich country,upgrading our homes generation
after generation, and here's the hard truth.....
We rest in the blood and sweat of thousands who don't even have a proper bed space.
I came in contact with foreign construction workers a few years back when
I was volunteering with Yvonne, the brown lady from " Everyday Heroes" .
She was empathetic towards the quality of life of the construction workers and
laboured daily to bring them useful materials, extra food supplies or
just being a local friend to them. Hundreds queue for a bag of pastry,
a bundle of vegetables and the hearty smiles Yvonne received in return is
good enough for her to toil for another day.She told me many are shortchanged
in their wages, not fully compensated when injuries occurred,
(if there is any coverage at all), harsh living conditions, with little sympathy
from their employers, or agencies. A host of grievances with no options.
Why does Yvonne do this? Because there is no one else.
Now, are you still surprised at why it happened?


TPC gathering 2013

Posted by Paige on Nov 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

After months of trying to get a date, thinking about where the ideal destination is, we are finally ready. The Paige Connexion a.k.a TPC is ready to take you guys out for an excursion.

Akin to last year, (er….remember the raw food n popiah making class, n the relaxing meditation session to round up, for those who came ) we won’t be telling you what’s in store just yet, but you can be sure, u will learn something, take away something, and hopefully share anything from this trip.

The date is set to be on the 1st of December. Please meet at Mediacorp lobby taxi stand at 330pm. This has nothing to do with Mediacorp but I reckon it will be a familiar spot for all to gather. We will send you guys back to the same spot at around 730pm.

I repeat.
Meeting place: Mediacorp lobby taxi stand
Time to meet : 330pm and back by 730 pm
Where r we going?: We will offer more details via email at a later date.
How to join ? : Please write to and leave your name and contact number. Please title email as “I WANNA JOIN”
Expensive or not? : A million dollars or nothing at all…. Er…in other words…Free!


Move on

Posted by Paige on Jun 23, 2013 in General, Life
We move on 
from one moment to the next, 
Honour what had been. 
Seen it, heard it, felt it and be glad.

One foot ahead of the other, 
One word after another
The next minute awaits,

Stay fresh
Live fresh
Feel fresh

A constant reminder
To just be

At Peace


Posted by Paige on Apr 21, 2013 in Life, Work

I am at a will be much quieter without u around.
I love to listen to your stories, your stories about the past,
what u have been through as a young artiste. It's not just those
stories that i love, but the vigour in u, the sparkle in your eyes
when you relay the stories. I know you love it, you love this
business. No matter how hard, how tough your work is, you never
give up, you always give your best. 

I have worked with you in so many shows, you never failed to
impress me with your dedication. My first show 一房半厅一水缸,
I was so excited and nervous. But I was calmed by your personable
attitude, and I am never scared with u around. 



Posted by Paige on Apr 6, 2013 in Work

To make someone laugh is no joke! Comedians should garner more credit, for their efforts to bring laughter to people

out there.

Melodrama is becoming my comfort zone, after appearing in one after another.

Going into the zone of depression, nostalgia, melancholy seems to be the norm

in my career path.

I totally understand that and nor do I reject as I do find myself akin to the

“dark” side in many ways…haha…sentimentalism is in my blood.

My latest project, The Recruit Diaries, however, showed me another genre of

the artistry which can be awkward but invigorating, all at the same time.

“I am around jokers all day long, I tell people” … Jeffrey, Jeremy, Xu Bin,

Benjamin, Shane, and many other newcomers gave so much life to the popular themed sitcom.

They are my recruits, or rather, my character’s Lt Angie Tan’s recruits.

It is hard not to be amazed at how quick thinking these boys are, especially when

it comes to giving a twist to the reality we are so familiar with.

While my character Lt Angie Tan is a straight-laced character in the sitcom,

there are some unexpected portrayals featured which I personally find hard to stomach.

Well, it’s all in the name of entertainment and loosening up the shoulders of you

stressed up audience out there.

Ok, laughter is still in the making, so do look forward to “The Recruit Diaries”,

knocking soon….


Posted by Paige on Feb 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
Even though I don't look at you anymore
Even though I have no words for you anymore
Even though I can smile at you no more

I am always....2 steps behind you.



Posted by Paige on Jan 29, 2013 in Work



我看了我那朋友的话,笑了笑回复:"Absolutely, 冷莫因入戏太深,因知道不能长久。




Posted by Paige on Nov 11, 2012 in General, Life


Hey, 你说过的,我记得。。。


One or two?

Posted by Paige on Sep 19, 2012 in General, Life

I have recently attended more wedding banquets in the last few months than I ever did in the last one year. Why the surge? Dragon year? Increasing home prices, buy before it increases again?More soulmates found each other?

I am in no doubt happy for friends, who have chosen this path out of their own free will. They want it, they got it.

As our society evolves, we are more open and exposed to varied lifestyles. Norms and conventions are never stagnant, ever changing depending on socio- economic conditions, or politically engineered to sustain some or simply due to enlightenment? In the olden days, women marry out of financial dependency. Children are born to provide labour for the farms, or basically, people have no knowledge of contraception.

Who do people marry now? Reasons have changed, and it is different for everyone. The awareness of the various possibilities in weaving the social fabric is vital for the development of a more embracing Society.

Judgements of what is a good, or bad life only breeds suppression of individuals, which ultimately induce unhappy families.

The recent debate about singles buying BTO has been an interesting discussion topic for my friends. My closest group of friends are mostly single, some out of choice, some still seeking. Those who are seeking, we wish them the best, it is always those who choose to remain single that become a topic of interest.

Like those who choose to be married, there are lots of reasons why some don’t. Some are just not buying into the concept, some want to devote their lives to others by doing humanitarian or missionary work, or some just feel complete by being with him/herself.

I am just glad to be born in an era where people are thinking through what they want in their lives,and having the freedom to pursue them. Yes or no to marriage, no right or wrong.

Bottom line… live lovingly, as one or two.

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